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I share custody of her 50/50 and I absolutely love the days I have her because it means I can do so much fun stuff, and I get to have such a great time! Now, as before, nothing to be ashamed of in being a single mum. However, if you’re at the point in dating where your date might be coming back with you, do yourself a favour and shove the assortment of garish plastic toys in another room.Nothing ruins the moment more than seductively reclining back on the sofa and setting off Peppa Pig’s voice activation. This is a bit of a serious one in comparison to the last, but perhaps the most important. They see, hear and understand a lot and it can be quite unsettling to see Mummy tottering off on multiple dates or to meet a parade of men.Its hard enough dating when you're single, but how about as newly divorced single mum? When my daughter was 3-years-old, my marriage came to an end and I suddenly found myself facing a path I wasn’t prepared for. Dating at any age and in any life circumstance can be daunting, but when you’re a single mum juggling making that morning’s lunch box for nursery, being on time for your work commitments, and shaving your legs for that night’s ‘hot date’, it’s a challenge.

‘I have a four year old’ was a really awkward response to his brutal statement.’ in hushed tones when I told them I’d been on a date.Um, I’m not disclosing that I work for the MI5 or that I like to dress my cats up in frilly aprons and called them ‘Susanne’ under the light of a full moon, I’m just letting someone know that I’m a single mum. A lot of people dating are not on their first ever dates, so it’s not unreasonable to assume that some people will have had past relationships and children may have been part of those.(And heaven help the poor dater who neglects to follow Stanger's advice.)Now in its seventh season, "The Millionaire Matchmaker" features wealthy but hapless men (and sometimes ladies, too) who turn to Stanger's dating club in an effort to find that elusive special someone.And, if that unicorn isn't out there, they at least hope to find someone who can stand their company (and stand to spend their money) long enough to get into their pants.