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Monjack was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after their flight home from Puerto Rico.

Murphy reportedly told emergency responder she thought he was suffering from an asthma attack, said news reports.

“Her weight, her hair, her clothes, her skin, her teeth, everything.

She was always so self-conscious.” Adds another: “A lot of her problems were due to poor self image.

Brittany Anne Bertolotti known professionally as Brittany Murphy, was an American actress and singer.

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She really wanted it to work.” Through the ups and downs of her love life, Murphy often exhibited strange behavior on the job.The 20-year-old, who says he 'sees information' and gets visuals rather than hears the dead speaking, claimed to get a visit from the spirit of late actress Brittany Murphy who was once a friend of Jaime's.Brittany Murphy came to Hollywood as a teenager full of talent and promise – but struggled to reach her full potential over her 18-year career, sources tell PEOPLE, due to a set of “inner demons” that included troubling body image issues.this according to sources close to the investigation. In the report, the investigator documents an exchange with a person whose name has been withheld -- but whom law enforcement sources have identified as Brittany's mother, Sharon Murphy.According to the report, the investigator and the unnamed person (Sharon) were going through the master bedroom in the Hollywood Hills home that Simon shared with Brittany ...