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I tried to contact them but they also don't provide a contact. Read Full Review I signed up to match on a 3 month subscription and then cancelled the auto-renew the next day as i had read so many people complain about Match just taking money from their account.

Match sent me an email to confirm that i had cancelled the auto-renewal, however three months later they just took another £83.

Most of the profiles don't pay, so can't contact you or even see that you'd viewed / messaged them unless they pay, or you pay even more for the privilege.

Make sure you cancel your renewal, or there's £30 gone straight away.

Read Full Review I signed up to mainly because of the events evenings that were advertised as I thought that this would be a good, informal way to meet people. So unless you live in one of the larger cities, such as London, Birmingham etc, then don't bother!

This information would have helped me with my decision, but they don't tell you this when you sign up!

Got plenty messages from day one but high quantity were sexual and 'body pix'.

Women, make it very clear in your profile if you DON'T want that behaviour, or it is just assumed you do. Read Full Review I am a woman and entered my details onto just over 24 hours ago.

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So women are always in a shop window and high risk of being picked by 'players'.I joined Match after being single a long time and should never had bothered.I never had 1 date and only met 1 nice man but never met as we weren't compatible.Read Full Review When it comes to the end of your time with BEWARE, they very cleverly automatically renew your subscription even if you dont want them too. Read Full Review I tried this dating site for 3 months and I was approached by a lot of less than desirable men.I spent the weekend trying to cancel my profile but because it wasn't more than 48 hrs they blocked me from doing this and just took the money anyway!! Most of them where perverted, wouldn't take no for an answer and would be very vulgar.