Online slave find master chatroom

(Zen) Hiya (Nothing) Selection 2 Add more one crazy patient~. (Nothing) lololol (Nothing) Selection 7 I think it’s a story Yoosung would love lolol (Yoosung) I don’t think that person exists;; (Jaehee) Selection 8 Look for her lololol (707) Everything is for elise! (Jaehee) Selection 9 You might find her once you start looking! Good luck (Jaehee) Selection 10 (These award nothing) I have to go now. Characters(s): Zen, Jaehee, Yoosung Note: 707 calls after this chat —————— Selection 1 Zen, you’re here. (Alt Selection 1) Handsome~ (Zen) Alt Selection 1 Then I will~ (Zen) I’m not going to… (707) **Because of the Break and then the Heart, the two cancel each other out awarding you no hearts for this answer. (Nothing) How about inviting them to the RFA party?

(Nothing) But if he weren’t talented, his good looks might have played against him. (Nothing) Selection 9 Aren’t you going to go game now? (Yoosung Alt Selection 1) Alt Selection 1 It’s nothing. (Nothing) I want to meet you and everyone else too. (Nothing) Selection 10 I guess V has his own ideas about the party. (Nothing) Selection 8 I think Jumin was just joking. (Jaehee) I guess that’s how you group people in the company.