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And there’s some great bargains to be had, with prices a wee bit lower than elsewhere.

Further along the west end of the Grassmarket, there’s Iconic, a fab homewear/aniques/20th century design shop, and on West Bow, the street leading from there towards the Art College, there’s Godiva, which sells re-designed and re-fashioned vintage at boutique prices, and Herman Brown, a vintage shop I’ve never gone into but is meant to be good.

The upside of steady demand is that stuff doesn’t tend to stay in most shops, and new stock comes in all the time, so few places feel picked over.

I was searching for cool items from internet and run across this cool review website This is the student area right next to the (Edinburgh) university and the area with the highest concentrations of charity shops in the city.

Further along the street, on Clerk Street is one of the three branches of Armstrong’s vintage, the best one in my opinion, with less proper pre-1960s stuff, but more reasonable prices than the bigger Grassmarket branch, and a great selection of second hand cashmere, and some great 70s and 80s bits that can (almost) compete with the charity shops in terms of price.

Stockbridge is a lovely upmarket family and young professional area, and the main street is an ideal place to wander down on the way to or from the Botanical Gardens.