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Now if you demonstrate a great sense of humor and that we have things in common, I might entertain the “age is only a number” cliché. If you want responses to messages REFRAIN FROM ALL OF THE ABOVE. There’s also not so secret Reason #20: I’m just not attracted to you. BUT a good message can make a person so much more attractive, I’m not kidding! Ones that are too specific to be copy/pasted to the entirety of the online world.They mention something from the profile I took the time to create: a favorite movie (so easy!I will like to correspond with you and see where it leads from there.Message me if you welcome my hand of friendship."—Mr Darcy In Disguize"Hello Cutie. I really just would like to meet someone I could really care about and someone healthy.Beaches like Puerto Galera, Boracay, and the various beaches in Cebu rake in tourists from around the world all year round because of their pristine and cool blue waters and fine, white-sand shores.However, if one will just look around more, they will find that there are other less-known but equally beautiful beach spots in other parts of the Philippines.

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