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Fans of the hit TV series How I Met Your Mother know all about Barney Stinson’s Bro Code. Since we’re fans of Neil Patrick Harris and HIMYM here are The Lowdown Blog, we think it’s only appropriate that the Man Lab brings you the Bro Code so you have a handy reference of all the rules guys should live by. The bond between two men is stronger than that between a man and a woman because on an average, men are stronger than women. 2) A bro is always entitled to do something stupid as long as the rest of his bros are all doing it. If only one Spanish dude were to run down the street in front of a bunch of angry bulls, people would have been like “Dude, come on!! The license to be stupid is why we have bros in the first place.3) If a bro gets a dog, it must be at least as tall as his knee when full-grown.

This includes but is not limited to, exercise shows, women’s athletics, and on some occasions surgery programs.Quitting your job like that really took a lot of ball!!” It’s still a hi-five and that bro still has a lot of balls, metaphorically speaking of course.When in doubt refer to the check list for bro-proofing your home.20) A Bro respects his Bros in the military because they’ve selflessly chosen to defend the nation, but more to the point, because they can kick his ass six ways to Sunday.