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“She never vocalised it, but I know my mum liked the idea of me becoming an actor.Natasha Richardson and Liam Neeson arriving at the premiere of The Other Man.

“Last spring, things just started going downhill,” he told the Sunday Times Style magazine. Neeson, who is the eldest of Richardson’s two sons, said the family took a long time to recover from her death.

Paramedics at the time did not realise the seriousness of her fall and it was only seven hours later that the actress’s injuries became apparent.

She died the next day in New York, where she had been taken by air ambulance. Her son, a self-professed “momma’s boy”, described how the untimely death was “all very sudden”.

“But looking back, I realise it was a delayed reaction.

You meet so many people who lost a parent when they were young and then they’ll break down when they’re 45.” Richardson, who was born into one of Britain’s most powerful thespian dynasties and was known for her roles in The Parent Trap and Patty Hearst, suffered a head injury when she fell on the slopes during a skiing trip in Quebec.