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We recommend that you bookmark the SOP for future reference.The SOP defines the person who is responsible for each of the activities related to using controlled substances.Authorized Users are not required to have a specific registration.Authorized Users must receive training for lab-specific use of controlled substances.The NYBP exists to protect the public from adulterated, misbranded and illicit drugs, and from unethical or unprofessional conduct on the part of pharmacists or other licensees.The NYBP requires researchers using controlled substances to obtain an NYBP registration certificate. The DEA policy for, , contains several unique terms that form the structure of the policy: For each of these terms, think about how it applies in your facility.The actual use of the controlled substances must be demonstrated by recording it in surgical, anesthetic, post operative or other experimental record.

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The drugs with the highest abuse potential are placed in Schedule I, and those with the lowest abuse potential are in Schedule V.

Controlled substances must be properly handled at all stages of purchase, use, storage, transfer and disposal.

The DEA has a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), that can serve as a reference.

The DEA policy has specific procedures to be followed when purchasing controlled substances: The purchase of C-I and C-II substances require completion of a DEA Form 222.

DEA Form 222 Order Forms PDF version of blank Form 222 After the DEA has approved your use of C-I or C-II controlled substances, they will send you the DEA Forms 222.