Gay dating someone with hiv

Campaigners argued the decision would bankrupt the NHS, with many in the cash-strapped health service demanding more money to cope with growing demand.

NHS England is set to begin a three-year trial which costs £10 million later this month.

On Friday, Patient’s partner Neil Orr announced on Facebook: “I regret to inform you that David Patient left us at pm on the 22nd September 2017.

He developed pneumonia after surgery, and his heart stopped.

The decision was broadly welcomed by leading medical organisations and MPs, who said it was 'ethical' and would save many lives.

But other campaigners were worried Pr EP, branded a 'promiscuity pill', will fuel a rise in sexually transmitted infections.

Public Health England, behind the data, claim it is the 'most exciting development in the UK HIV epidemic in 20 years'.

Without treatment, this leads to AIDs – the collective name for a series of life-threatening infections which the weakened immune system cannot withstand.There is evidence of a fall in condom use among men taking the drug, leaving them exposed to other infections.Experts are also worried that the HIV virus may evolve to become resistant to the Pr EP drug – resulting in a much stronger, deadlier strain.It argued because it is a preventative medicine, it should be funded by local councils.But this stance was challenged by the National Aids Trust charity and the High Court last August ruled there was nothing to stop the NHS from paying.