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" Nancy Lawrence Gehlbach describes the building of an airplane in Lincoln, Illinois, in 1928-29 by the Capen Aircraft Corporation (Our Times, spring 2000, p. Ernest Capen, a WW I Army flight instructor, "had come to Lincoln when his parents took over the Busy Bee Bakery." In 1928 he formed his corporation along with Robert and Hettie Sheets, Al Ahrens, and L. Dowling, the latter being the owner of the Lincoln Casket Company. The frame, fuselage, and parts (except for the engine, propeller, and a few accessories) were built at the company's work rooms at 217-1219 S.

Logan Street in Lincoln, in a building that had formerly housed a planing mill.

The airstrip was in a pasture of the Ahrens farm south of the Kruger Elevator near Route 4 (later Route 66).The balls on the map represent the 10 countries where a search term had the highest probability of occurring.Explore how similar queries were searched throughout the world by selecting one of the comparable terms.The history of manufacturing is difficult to develop because of the varying amounts of information available.For some companies, a little information can be found, for others almost nothing.