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And even now they’ve been made publicly aware of the ‘coincidence’, they haven’t taken down their claims of being the first to offer the event, or even changed the name of their events.

This new London-based app have been very carefully trying to network their way around the London-dating scene recently, by meeting up with bloggers, journalists and experts to chat about their new app.

Next week the app will also be hosting a launch event for bloggers and journalists, in hopes of gaining more coverage.

Whilst it’s great to have a company reach out to bloggers, and want to schmooze them a bit, even if just with lunch or a nice party, some of the reports of the ‘lunch meetings’ have been rather dubious … but I really think it’s underhand to use staff for ‘user experience quotes’, and particularly bad to give them fake names!

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If you’re starting a new company and you want help, then unless the people helping you are benefitting in some way reciprocally, you need to be honest about your motives, and reward them for their time. Don’t trick people into working for you, by disguising it as ‘social chats’ or video opportunities.Despite being run by just 2 guys, the company has a huge reach.They run speed dating nights all over the city, and have events almost every night of the week – some at some really cool locations.If your staff are meeting journalists, they’re likely to spot the likeness sooner or later?!Finally, this new dating club (one part for men, one for women) is set up by Apprentice ‘star’ Sarah Dales (the one who told her team of girls to wear short skirts and full faces of make-up to win a task).