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On the best dating sites for hookups, the girls were more real. There’s no doubt the women on the our top hookup sites were more attractive. So read through our reviews (we spent a lot of time writing them for you!They were there to meet someone and hookup because they have frustrating sex lives. ) and then determine which hookup site(s) are best for you.There are rarely enough attractive women on those sites compared to the number of men. They’re either completely unattractive or they aren’t serious about hooking up.They’re just looking around to see what’s out there.We were really quite excited when we first heard about i We thought this was going to be one of those hidden gems, or possibly just a really good site that hadn’t taken off yet. It was a bit like walking through a very clean supermarket where you couldn’t touch the goods and no cashiers were available.The last one (Erotic Affairs) is specifically for married men and women to either meet another married person or hookup with a single person. We aren’t going to lie…after the first few days of using each of those sites, we so desperately wanted to just cancel the membership.If you’ve ever had a fantasy about hooking up with a married chick, that is the site to find one. If scoring with a married chick isn’t something you’re into, the other 4 sites will do. But we stuck with it on each site and got nothing out of it.

In fact, it’s only 18 percent, which is rated far below estimations for any dating site that wants to bump up its numbers and ratings.Not only did we receive such a small amount of replies, but after that, it got even worse.Most of the girls who contacted us were actually from pretty far away—and no, we don’t mean they were angling to get a free plane ticket to America. While the girls we saw were hot, that’s not worth much if they’re so far away that we’ll never be able to see them.Of the 163 girls who emailed us back, we only wound up setting up dates with FIVE of them. She was about ten years older and forty pounds heavier than her profile photograph, and we did the manly thing: pretended we never saw her and slipped out through the back door. Unfortunately, the first thing to greet us when we went into i was a woman sending us an animated photo of herself (possibly herself?? That might actuallybe the most frustrating thing about our i Hookup comparison, actually.There was no explanation involved) licking a hot pepper. It COULD be a very good site, with a couple million more users and a lot more customer support.