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It cant be cancer, I thought Id been a vegetarian for over fifteen years, macrobiotic for most of that time.People took up macrobiotics to get rid of cancer and had written books about it.Offshoots of this technique, referred to as specialized kinesiologies, have also been developed.Perhaps the best known is a program called Touch for Health, created by a colleague of Goodhearts, Dr. (Thies illustrated book, Touch for Health, Touch For Health involves a specific series of tests with each limb in different positions, to ascertain how well each of the organ systems is communicating with the brain.Because I live in the Boston area, it involved travel in addition to the consultation, but I went because my friend extolled the practitioners virtues, saying she used a technique called muscle testing.Id heard about it before but had no idea what it was couldnt even imagine it.It started innocuously enough: a persistent itching on my back, near the top of my left shoulder blade.After a while, I noticed some discoloration, but I ignored it I thought it was eczema.

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Even people seeing it for the first time can have a hard time believing it.It may be hard to believe, but this went on for several years, getting slowly worse.Eventually it broke open and began to ooze, then bleed.(The meridians are energy channels recognized by Chinese medicine.) Others use the central meridian for testing, with your arm toward the front and at an angle below horizontal.All the meridians intersect with the central meridian, so testing this way encompasses more body systems than testing just the lung meridian and is less fatiguing for both parties.

What i learned from dating 100 men