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Each entry in the log must contain the nature, date, time and general location of each crime and disposition of the complaint, if known.Information in the log older than 60 days must be made available within two business days.They sued, were awarded million, and founded Security on Campus, a non-profit group.By October 1 of each year, institutions must publish and distribute their Annual Campus Security Report to current and prospective students and employees."The attack on Clery was one of 38 violent crimes recorded at the university in three years.Her parents argued that, had the university's crime record been known, Clery would not have attended. The Clery Act requires all colleges and universities that participate in federal financial aid programs to keep and disclose information about crime on and near their respective campuses.Compliance is monitored by the United States Department of Education, which can impose civil penalties, up to ,789 per violation, against institutions for each infraction and can suspend institutions from participating in federal student financial aid programs.

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Institutions are required to publish their policies regarding timely warnings in their Annual Campus Security Report.

The institution is only required to notify the community of crimes which are covered by the Clery statistics.

In 2014, new amendments were made to require reporting on domestic violence, dating violence and stalking.

Numerous institutions have been fined and found in non compliance of the Clery act.