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“Whether they are from the creative or corporate world, it’s about having that ambition and zest for life.

There are thousands of dating apps on the market today, yet most of them, well, kind of suck.

Since The Inner Circle’s launch in Europe in 2013, the app has gone live in major cities across the US, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Houston.

When The Inner Circle launched in New York City last October, more than 32,000 people signed up within the first three months.“The problem with most dating apps is that many do not provide enough information about their users,” David said. I wanted to make an exclusive dating app that leverages technology in every way possible.

They also request for you to choose a profile picture they can verify.

In order to get users offline every now and then, The Inner Circle leverages a Facebook API that detects the most popular upcoming events in different cities.The Inner Circle uses a face-recognition algorithm the leverages machine learning to detect the highest quality photos from a user’s Facebook profile.This algorithm automatically chooses the photos for the user to ensure that pictures are available immediately. All of these details help users really determine if this is someone they would want to meet with or not.However, it is better to look at this as a very selective and thorough app which does all the crappy work you don’t want to do, for you.“At the end of the day we are looking to create a close network of like-minded, inspiring singles who are kicking ass in their profession,” Krayenhoff previously told Business Insider.