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You’ll also want to be sure to use lubricant on the cone before inserting to prevent tearing.

Additionally, you’ll probably want to use some disposable gloves as well to avoid the mess.

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After you’ve added the water let the valve go slowly to allow the water to flow down the tube – this will prevent a lot of air from entering your body which will cause not only gas but can cause cramping.Especially considering that it’s suggested to always use a condom for anal sex (and always switch that condom if you’re going to change from anal sex to any other type of sex as the bacteria can cause innless and infections easily.), and enemas don’t lessen your chances of infections spreading.Or maybe a toy safe for anal play (butt plugs or something small with a flared base).The fleet enemas come already in a bottle and are a saline-type formula with a cap for easy insertion into the rectum.Once placed into your body you simply squeeze all of the liquid out of the bottle.