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Statistics Canada reports that a quarter of Canadians have tried online dating.

According to magazine, there are 1,500 dating sites to choose from, many with millions of users.

She’s busy and finds the system efficient because she can peruse a potential beau anytime that suits her instead of trawling bars.

Instead, she was in Owen Sound, Ont., lured there for the day by a semi-attractive man ("geeky in his earnestness to please, but cute," she says), whom she had met on Match.(Just be aware that e Harmony rejects would-be daters who say they’re separated on the questionnaire – only the legally unattached need apply.) What does work when it comes to attracting the fellas?Carmen acknowledges it's women who look good in their photos who get dates.For two minutes he stared at her cleavage, then told her he was going to feed the meter – and never returned. But by your 40s, those multiplying mating mishaps begin to feel more like tragi-comedy – a little beneath one's dignity at this age, frankly.It’s enough to lead you to wonder: Is this how it will all go down as you grow older, you with your stories and a circus of cats to keep you warm at night?