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There has always been much ­sympathy for him, since it emerged that he is dyslexic and finds ­reading and writing difficult.Added to this was considerable admiration for the way he overcame the challenges he faced as a child.Party in the Park was the first to be hit with the allegations after 35 girls between the ages of 12 and 17 reported being sexually assaulted.Alexandra Larsson, 17, waived her right to anonymity to speak about her terrifying ordeal, saying her backside and genitals were groped during a packed performance towards the end of Friday night.

He said that a prime minister who couldn’t take care of baby seals couldn’t be very good at ­taking care of his country.Several women interviewed for the book claim they had sex with the King.Indeed, after one big dinner ­celebrating a successful elk hunt, he is said to have enjoyed sex with two women at the same time.As for his 34 years of marriage with Queen ­Silvia, this is held up in ­libidinous Sweden as a ­wonderful example of what ­marriage should be. But suddenly the 64-year-old King’s bespectacled image of almost dull respectability has undergone a remarkable transformation.In a new biography of the King — who is our own Queen Elizabeth’s third cousin — he emerges as an habituee of wild sex parties involving strippers, sometimes hosted by an infamous Mafia boss in a Stockholm club.