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Square and Pay Pal Here both supply mobile card readers and apps.

The mobile readers for both Square and Here plug in to the headphone jack of an electronic device.

Both companies provide encrypted card readers and other security and fraud protection features.

Both companies also offer EMV chip card capable readers, adding another layer of security.

Square doesn't make its users jump through a proprietary hoop to get their money.

Pay Pal Here boasts the immediate availability of funds, and while this is faster than Square's next day funding, Here doesn't deposit funds directly into a user's checking account.

Instead, Here makes funds immediately available in a user's Pay Pal account where they can access for purchases or withdraw via an ATM using a Pay Pal debit card.

Although Pay Pal Here hit the market with support for only i Phone/i Pad, the company now supports Android devices as well.

Both companies now support i Phone, i Pad and Android, but the edge goes to Square for supporting older operating systems.